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Visual Identity
Communication Design
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Healthcare, Social

A Dutch art installation project, Oncowand is a non-profit initiative developed by Bartho, Peter and Stefan Hengst. Its purpose is to share stories from people that have or previously had the experience of cancer. 

These stories are in the form of one minute long audio recordings. They are anonymous and played in random order by a push of a button. The logo for the installation is generated by the audio and underlines the uniqueness of each story while retaining a common visual ground. 

The campaign was made with the scope of raising awareness about the difficulties of dealing with various types of cancer and to crowdfund the construction of the first part of the installation.

·  Video Editing
Motion Graphics
Hart Island·  
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Social, Public

The Hart Island Project is an NGO founded by New York artist Melinda Hunt, concerned with providing information and public access to the cemetery in New York City, where over one million unclaimed and unidentified people have been buried since 1869.

The database, known as the Traveling Cloud Museum, collects their stories through different public initiatives. It is an open platform where people can search for their loved ones, share memories, and trough their stories take the lost ones out of anonymity.

The video informs the viewer about Hart Island, while offering a comprehensive mood and context for the project itself.

·  Motion Graphics
·  Illustration
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Utrecht Down Under, an initiative by Kunstliefde, is a platform focused on Utrecht-based artists, organising art exhibitions in unique city locations.

The exhibition Under Control featured 36 artists that presented their work inside the former prison Wolvenplein. Through this event, the institution gave access inside for the first time to the general public.

The trailer for the exhibition has an artistic approach, making a reference in an abstract and playful way to the venue and the purpose of the event, while suggesting the open and diverse nature of its cultural activities.

·  Digital Stage Design
·  Video Production
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Creative, Music

Frames is the name of the album released in 2014 by the Dutch jazz pianist Michiel Borstlap.

The idea was to create a visual playground during his live performance, into which the artist could immerse. Each video chapter flows into the next, creating a smooth visual narrative that complements the musical performance. The slow, constant tempo of the animations builds a dreamy mood and gives room for musical improvisation.

More than one and a half hours of live performance was complemented with the use of this simple visual vocabulary.

·  Visual Identity
·  Motion Graphics
Fabian Maze
Industry · Sector 
Creative, Music

Fabian Maze is a Romanian DJ, producer and remixer. The task was to create a visual identity adaptable to different social and media platforms.

The concept evolved from Romanian traditional embroideries; the lines mix in multiple ways, creating different patterns that offer a suggestive visual solution for the artist's profession.  

The result is a dynamic logo that expands and contracts like fabric in combination with the music.