Cases include creative video productions part of the development of visual identities, corporate branding, social storytelling or campaigns.

Cases include creative videos as part of the development of visual identities, corporate presentations, social storytelling or campaigns.

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Hora Studio holds together the work and play of Valeriu Nechita. 

With an interest in dynamic design and visual communication, the studio uses video production and animation for creative applications such as concept presentations, title design, visual identities or storytelling. 
It strives to keep a balanced blend between skill, problem solving and conceptual thinking, while exploring the use of motion graphics and cinematics as means to connect emotionally and inform efficiently.

The services offered can be either collaborative or as an end-to-end solution, for clients and assignments part of either social, creative or corporate sectors.

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Work involved
Design, Motion Graphics
Visual Identity, Logo & Icon Animation
Hardware & Software, Research & Technology

Océ, a Canon company, is a Netherlands-based company dealing with digital imaging, industrial printing and collaborative business services. Founded in 1877, with headquarters in Venlo, Océ is active in over 100 countries and employs more than 20 thousand people worldwide.

With a long history of applied innovations in document management, business processes, graphic arts, industrial printing or fine art preservation, Océ promotes trough their new visual identity a dynamic, diverse & engaging working environment, shaped around research & products that push the printing industry forward.

Christian Sanders - Icons design 

Beyond Prison
Work involved
Video Editing & Mapping, Motion Graphics
Informational Website
Social & Public Sectors

Beyond Prison is a collection of stories examining alternative rehabilitation programs inside US prisons.

Centered around basic human values, they offer a unique glimpse into what prison could be: a place of transformation from the inside out.

As part of the intro to the website, the video delivers a pragmatic and illustrative insight on the yearly incarceration expenses per individual, as well as showing the need for an effort to increase  their chances of successful reintegration.

Sportcampus Zuiderpark
Work involved
2D & 3D Motion Graphics
Visual Identity
Sports, Public Sector

Sportcampus Zuiderpark is meant to be the main centre for sports and recreation in The Hague and surroundings. 

This lively and dynamic facility accommodates people of all ages and backgrounds, as well as professional athletes, event organisers or supporters. 

The visual identity reflects their diversity, while underlying their common passion for sports and performance.

Work involved
3D Illustration
Visual Identity, Promotional Materials
Entertainment, Music

One of the biggest house and techno music festivals in the Netherlands, Loveland is held each year in the beautiful surroundings of Sloterpark. First organized in 1995, it is one of the original Dutch dance promoters.

It features dozens of international stars and acclaimed names from the local scene.

de Schriftafel
Video & Sound Editing, 2D & 3D Motion Graphics
Applications : Digital Stage Design
Industry : Creative, Music

Frames is the name of the album released in 2014 by the Dutch jazz pianist Michiel Borstlap.

The concept was to create a visual playground during his live performance, in which the artist could immerse. Each fragment flows into the next, creating a smooth visual narrative, that engulfs the musical performance.

The slow, constant tempo of the animations builds a dreamy mood and gives room for improvisation.  More than one and a half hours of performance was complemented with the use of this simple visual vocabulary.

Nieuwe Architecten
Work involved
Motion Graphics
Visual Identity, Explainer Video

The bureau Nieuwe Architecten is a platform of enthusiastic, hard-working and skilled professionals with a love for architecture in all its facets. It is based in Delft, the Netherlands.

Having collaboration and connection at the basis of their design vision, they combine the opportunities that the place offers with realistic solutions. For them, architecture is not a luxury product, but a way to provide structural added value for the environment and users, by an open, motivated and involved design process.

The video describes the concept behind their new visual identity, in a minimal and crafty manner.

Work involved
Motion Graphics
Visual IdentityStorytelling
Architecture, Research & Constructions

Developed by a team of leading designers in the Netherlands, Zospeum is a cutting-edge construction material that incorporates optical fibers in order for light to permeate into living spaces. This allows those inside to interact with the outside world, as well reducing the use of artificial light, thus cutting down energy spendings.

Insulating and durable, it offers a wide range of creative and practical applications for those working in architecture
or construction industries.

Work involved
Motion Graphics
Explainer Video
Engineering, Wind Industry

The pioneers of offshore engineering, GustoMSC is an independent design & engineering company of mobile offshore units and associated equipment.

They enable and support safe and efficient operations at sea, contributing to a sustainable future as part of the
fast growing wind industry.

 Tim Hölscher - Illustration